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Elearning Platform & Course Information

NICLAS uses the elarning platform OLAT

Individual Information about the Courses can also be found at the VICAJOP database


Participation in NICLAS Summer School is open to students enrolled at one of the partner universities and studying in one of the fields concerned (law, political science, economy, international relations, european studies or other).

Participation is limited to four students from each university. Applications have to be made directly to the NICLAS contact person of the partner university concerned. The partner universities apply a common selection policy, including academic excellence, international experience, gender equality and equality of people with disablities.

Participation is free, travel and housing costs are covered by NICLAS.

Students are expected

* to attend a preparatory course offered at the home university during spring semester 2009 (preparation of case studies according to the summer course program.)
* to attend and actively contribute to the two week summer school from July 6th to 18th, 2009 in Vienna
* to contribute to a joint final report about one of the case study topics.


NICLAS is supported by the VICAJOP eLearning platform, an e-learning solution especially designed for joint degree- and joint teaching modul-projects at the University of Vienna Students will profit from a blended learning approach while participating in the preparation and main summer session actively.


Participation in NICLAS is part of the official course program of partner universities involved. Participating students are granted full academic recognition: NICLAS comprises 6 ECTS credits. 3 credits are granted by the partner universities for attendance of the preparatory course during spring semester at the home university. Additional 3 credits are granted by NICLAS summer school upon successful completion of the summer course program and submission of a final report.


Applicants have to

* fill out the application form

* attach

a CV (please use the official Europass CV template, max. 3 pages including photograph http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/

a letter of recommendation (by a university teacher)

a transcript of records (showing successful completion of the relevant courses as indicated in the application form)

and send the documents to their local NICLAS coordinator by Jan 15, 2009. Students will be nominated at the end of January 2009.

Application Form 2009

For further information please contact your local NICLAS coordinator:


Evaluation Criteria
Dr. Konrad Lachmayer , Schottenbastei 10-16 (Juridicum), A-1010 Wien - Austria, eMail email