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Transitional Constitutionalism

2nd Workshop on International Constitutional Law

Due to the great success of the 1st Vienna Workshops on International Constitutional Law the Workshop-idea is continued and

on the 19 – 20 May 2006

the 2nd Workshop on International Constitutional Law

will take place at

Vienna University, Facutly of Law

Juridicum, Top floor

In contrast to the general approach of the 1st Workshop, the workshop 2006 will be more specific and be devoted to constitutional questions arising in transition periods.

Transitional Constitutionalism deals with the constitutional challenges in post war or revolution situations, where there is a necessity to draft a new or amend an old constitutional document. Speakers, which have an academic background or work as practicioners in relevant fields will again give short introductory statements (see Program); thereafter participants and speakers shall elaborate legal and political problems of Transitional Constitutionalism in an open discussion. For preparation, participants (students, lawyers and other practicioners) will receive reading materials with background information on the relevant issues about four weeks in advance.
Dr. Konrad Lachmayer , Schottenbastei 10-16 (Juridicum), A-1010 Wien - Austria, eMail email