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Perspectives and Limits of Democracy

3rd Workshop on International Constitutional Law

Due to the great success of the 1st and the 2nd
Vienna Workshops on International Constitutional Law
the idea of the workshop is continued and

on 11 – 12 May 2007

with the 3rd Workshop on International Constitutional Law

which will take place at

Vienna University, Faculty of Law

Juridicum, Top floor
The 1st workshop offered a general approach on international constitutional law while the 2nd workshop dealt with the more specific topic of transitional constitutionalism. The next workshop will address the problems, perspectives and limits of democracy in times of globalization and terror.

In a global view democracy is considered to be the most important challenge to constitutions. Although we notice democratic developments for example in the Middle East,it s undeniable that they face major difficulties and are often confronted with fundamentalistic movements. Developments in the wake of a constitutional transition as they can be seen in Thailand right now, actually illustrate that democracy as a political concept is not automatically successful and therefore also in danger of being replaced. We will take a closer look on traditional democracies with regard to India as well as on instruments to make new democratic systems more effective using the example of election observations.

Beside these specific questions of national democratic developments, this workshop will also focus on democratic concepts at an international level. Today supranational and international organizations get more and more competences influencing the people’s life every day, also in fundamental aspects. Thus, the democratic legitimation of these organizations has to be questioned. The often discussed ‘democratic deficit’ of the EU, WTO or other standard stetting bodies is more and more evident and will also be subject of debate in the context of the workshop. Furthermore, we want to discuss the influence of the European democratic concept on the countries in South Eastern Europe which are interested to join the European Union.

Speakers, which have an academic background or work as practicioners in relevant fields, will one more time give short introductory statements (see Program); thereafter, participants and speakers shall elaborate legal and political problems of democracy in an open discussion. In preparation for the workshop, participants (students, lawyers and other practicioners) will receive reading materials containing useful background information on the relevant issues about four weeks in advance.
Dr. Konrad Lachmayer , Schottenbastei 10-16 (Juridicum), A-1010 Wien - Austria, eMail email